Through it’s community-based tourism NWC aims to generate an income for the Center and to promote Rwandan’s culture and history. Visitors can choose from a selection of three cultural tours that provide an insight to daily-life in Rwanda and in particular Kigali:

  1. Walking Tour in Nyamirambo: visitors are given an insight of life in one of Kigali’s oldest neighbourhoods.
  2. Experience the tradition of basket weaving: you will get to know about this Rwandan tradition and learn the basic skills of sisal weaving.
  3. Local cooking class with Aminatha: learn from NWC’s famous cook how to prepare traditional dishes of Rwanda.


Why Community-based tourism?

  1. This is a unique type of tourism that is created, owned and managed by local and indigenous peoples.
    This means that the majority of the benefits remain with the community. Using this concept, authentic tourism experiences evolve, which support community development while maintaining community identity, values, culture, and customs.
  2. NWC employs only locals, empowering them with the knowledge and skills to provide you with an unforgettable experience. Our tours provide and income for the Center, which is then allocated to sponsor NWC’s educational activities.
  3. Our community-based tours take you beyond mainstream tourism. You will meet people from the local community and learn far more from them and their culture than on conventional tours. You will feel better knowing that your visit is genuinely helping your hosts.


NWC’s tours in the news:

Rwanda reborn: Kigali’s culture, heart and soul (by Kit Buchan, The Guardian)

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Touring the familiar: A walk through Nyamirambo (by Moses Opobo, The New Times)





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